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NMLS Courses for Mortgage License in California | Mortgage Educators

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California mortgage license school

Get Your California Mortgage License (MLO) with Mortgage Educators in 2020! 

Our mortgage loan officer new license course bundles provide a convenient way to obtain your mortgage license. Our NMLS courses for California loan officers contain everything you’ll need to complete the national and state mortgage education requirements. 

First step, choose the right state mortgage license agency bundle (CA-DBO or CA-DRE)


CA-DBO Pre-Licensing Courses

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Already licensed in another state? Add California to your license portfolio!

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If you are unsure which agency you will be licensed under, please contact your employer, as you must be licensed under the same agency. If you are do not have a sponsor yet, use the following to determine which agency to select:

  • If you hold an active CA real-estate license and are looking to operate under both this and your new mortgage loan origination license, then you will select the CA-DRE
  • If you do not have a CA real-estate license and are not looking to obtain one and are only planning to operate under a mortgage loan origination license, then select the CA-DBO.


CA-DRE Pre-Licensing Courses

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There are two separate licensing divisions in California: The California Department of Business Oversight (CA-DBO), and The California Department of Real Estate (CA-DRE). Mortgage Educators & Compliance provide course bundles that satisfy either mortgage license in California. To determine which license you need, we recommend contacting your employer or contact one of our licensing specialists today.  


nmls 20 hour course california


How to Get Your (MLO) Mortgage License in California

1. Fulfill all state and federal education requirements as designated by your state agency. (18+2 Hr DBO or 20 Hr DRE)

2. Schedule, study for and pass your national mortgage exam.



 3. Apply for the MLO License: Complete and submit your MU4 through the NMLS including, paying the licensing fee, completing a criminal background check and an authorized credit report.


Get Your License Faster With Our Live Classroom Courses

We are excited to offer live courses that fulfill either CA-DBO or CA-DRE NMLS training requirements with our live classroom courses! These classroom courses are an expedited option for those trying to obtain an NMLS license in California. With instructors who possess years of industry experience, you’ll have industry-leading support to help you pass the NMLS national exam. Click the button below for current dates and locations.



Why Obtain Your Loan Officer License in California?

California has one of the strongest housing markets in the nation and continues to grow year after year. Obtaining your loan officer license in California takes determination, a willingness to learn, and a strong work ethic. After completing the required mortgage training courses, you will need to pass the national exam. To solidify your chances of passing the national exam first try, consider our California test prep course. Once you’ve passed the national test, you’ll receive your California mortgage license!


Requirements For NMLS Courses in California

Each state has unique NMLS license requirements for new mortgage loan originators. Nationally, 20 hours of mortgage education is required for each new mortgage loan officer. Furthermore, California offers two forms of licensing; CA-DBO and CA-DRE. The CA-DBO requires 2 of those hours to be DBO-specific. Mortgage Educators & Compliance offers pre-licensing course bundles for either DBO or DRE licensing, which include 20 hours of mortgage training courses and a comprehensive test prep course that will help you pass the NMLS national test. New mortgage license education requirements, or “pre-license education”, can be completed either online or in live classroom settings. We offer courses online, in a live online webinar format, or in a live classroom setting designed to satisfy NMLS license requirements conveniently according to your schedule. Primarily, our courses are provided in a weekly Online Instructor-Led (OIL) format. In these courses, our experienced instructors present pre-recorded video and slideshow presentations. These 20-hour courses are comprised of 5-minute sections, followed by a quiz. After completing the 20-hour course, you should expect a comprehensive test. All hours of completed education are reported to the NMLS upon completion by Mortgage Educators & Compliance. For more information regarding mortgage licensing requirements, click the button shown below.



Are California Broker Licenses and Loan Originator Licenses The Same?

Mortgage loan originators and mortgage brokers are commonly confused terms. As such, many people who are searching for a California broker license are actually looking for a loan originator or loan officer license. So what’s the difference? Generally speaking, a mortgage broker is a company that employs a team of loan officers. Loan officers originate mortgage loans for new home buyers. Therefore, the correct license for a loan officer in California would be one of the options listed above, depending on which division your employer works under.

Additional Questions?

Mortgage Educators and Compliance is here to answer any additional questions that you may have in regards to your California mortgage license. For additional questions, feel free to call us at(801) 676-2520 or email us at   


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