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Our industry expert, ANDREW W. CONNER, CMPS®, CRMS®, wants to make sure you are prepared and confident in the exam topics covered. Webinars are split into two parts for ten hours of content. 


2023 Test Prep Webinar - Part 1 - March 31st  

2023 Test Prep Webinar - Part 2 - April 6th

2023 Test Prep Webinar - Part 1 - May 5th  

2023 Test Prep Webinar - Part 2 - May 18th


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Why should you study for the NMLS test?

Did you know on average, only about 60% of people are able to pass their Mortgage Loan Originator Exam on their first try? That means roughly 40% of people who try and take the test fail. Make sure you study and take the test seriously so you don't end up in the 40%. Check out our tips and tricks for more tips to help maximize your study time and help you pass the NMLS test on the first attempt.



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