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NMLS Mortgage License Test Prep

The Best NMLS Exam Test Prep

Are you ready to join the group of mortgage loan originators who have a fulfilling career already? Online exam prep isn’t easy. That’s why we’ve got the best NMLS test prep course here for you!


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Our industry leading instructors want to prepare you for a fulfilling career as a mortgage loan originator while building your confidence in all NMLS exam topics covered in our online mortgage exam prep courses. That way, you can ace your mortgage loan originator test with ease on the first try and get started in the mortgage industry that much sooner.


NMLS test prep webinars are split into two parts for ten total hours of education. They provide uniform state content, general mortgage knowledge, and federal mortgage-related laws.

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*All Courses Start At 10:00 AM Central Time (8 AM PT / 9 AM MT / 11 AM ET)


Make Sure You are Ready to Pass Your SAFE Exam With Our New Cutting-Edge NMLS Test Prep Materials Today! 


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Why should you study for your mortgage loan originator exam?

The NMLS test for mortgage licensing is a notoriously difficult exam. This national test requires you to have passed with a 75% or higher before you become eligible to receive your NMLS license. Did you know that on average, only about 60% of people are able to pass the Mortgage Loan Originator Test on their first try? That means roughly 40% of mortgage licensing applicants don’t get a passing score on their first attempt despite their best efforts to prepare for the national exam. Who wants to take the same exam (or any exam for that matter) more than once? Exams are hard!

 We’ll be honest, NMLS exam prep isn’t easy, but with us, your mastery level can be much higher, and your confidence level can be much higher on test day. By this point, you should have already signed up for an account and NMLS ID on the national mortgage licensing system. Now it’s time to brush up on our course curriculum, gain a firm conceptual grasp of mortgage loan origination activities and general mortgage knowledge, review your state laws and regulations as well as any federal-related mortgage laws, take at least one practice exam so the answers will come to you more easily, and set a date to pass the mortgage test. Also, make sure that before then you have received applicable NMLS credit from your state.

Up to the day you take this tough exam, make sure you study well. Collect the very best study resources, use flashcards, go through practice exams, study all applicable facts across videos and notes from your courses, and read your textbooks in more detail. If you take the test seriously, you won't end up in that 40% that failed their first attempt. Check out our list of NMLS exam tips and tricks for more tips to help maximize your study time and help you pass the national exam and become a licensed mortgage loan originator.

Your confidence levels on test day will vary depending on how much effort you put in, and there really is no readiness indicator to tell you that you’re 100% going to pass. That said, we have no doubt that as you set your own pace and take some time to practice testing, you’ll be ready to not only pass the exam but also to become a mortgage loan originator in no time. 



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