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Mortgage Regulatory Compliance Training

The landscape of the mortgage industry is always shifting. Constantly changing laws and regulations make finding the right mortgage compliance solution crucial. It is important that you have a partner that is both knowledgeable and experienced. With a renowned compliance department that has been assisting companies with regulatory needs since 2011, Mortgage Educators & Compliance provides top-tier solutions with personalized attention to detail.

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tyna minet

Tyna-Minet Anderson


Tyna-Minet is the head of the MEC compliance department. She has been an attorney since 2009 and has practiced exclusively in mortgage compliance since 2012. Tyna brings a wealth of knowledge about both the mortgage industry and its various laws and regulations. She provides guidance on how to navigate the minefield of mortgage laws and regulations safely, how to handle state audits, and provides mock CFPB audits to keep your company compliant.






For more information regarding mortgage compliance policies, procedures, and online training, please contact us at: 801-770-1588