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NMLS Multi-State Mortgage Licensing

Wondering how to add an NMLS state license? You will actually not get licensed through the NMLS, you will receive your license from your state agency. The NMLS functions as a registry of licensed MLO's and your state agency will report back to the NMLS when you are licensed. The process is simple, but you’ll want to make sure you’ve completed all the prerequisites before you jump into adding your license. This will ensure you don’t waste any time and can add your MLO license for your state successfully on the first attempt.


1. First, you will need to have passed the National Exam with Uniform State Content (USC).


2. Verify with the NMLS that your 20-hour course credits are valid in the state you are applying to for NMLS state licensing. To do so, please contact the NMLS at 1-855-665-7123.





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Use your mouse to hover over any state you want to be licensed in, and you’ll be able to see the requirements for that state. You can also click on the state to be directed to the Mortgage Educators elective pre-license course for the specific state.

Once you have completed the required state elective, you may then proceed with the application process to apply for your license through the NMLS website.





    1 hour          2 hours        3 hours         4 hours    



How to Add Another License: Additional State

If you want to get a Mortgage Loan Originator state-approved license, you will need to meet the state's NMLS-approved education requirement. Several states have specific elective requirements, so make sure you’re completing the correct state-specific course.

We make it easy for you to determine the elective requirements for any state you want to be licensed. Just check out the color-coded map above for an outline of the education elective requirements for each state. 


Additional State Electives Listing


Arizona 4 Hour   New Jersey 4 Hour
California-DFPI 2 Hour   New Mexico 3 Hour
Colorado 2 Hour   New York 3 Hour
Connecticut 1 Hour   North Carolina 4 Hour
DC 3 Hour   Ohio 4 Hour
Florida 2 Hour   Oklahoma 1 Hour
Hawaii 3 Hour   Oregon 4 Hour
Idaho 2 Hour   Pennsylvania 3 Hour
Indiana 2 Hour   Rhode Island 3 Hour
Maryland 5 Hour   South Carolina 3 Hour
Massachusetts 3 Hour   Tennessee 2 Hour
Michigan 2 Hour   Texas 3 Hour
Mississippi 4 Hour   Utah 15 Hour
Montana 2 Hour   Vermont 2 Hour
Nebraska 2 Hour   Washington 4 Hour
Nevada 4-10 Hour   West Virginia 4 Hour
New Hampshire 2 Hour   2 Hour General 2 Hour
      4 Hour General 4 Hour

*States not listed do not require additional hours of education.*