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How to Get Your NMLS Background Checks and Fingerprints Done


Every mortgage loan originator must get a background check before they can submit their licensing application. But why is a background check necessary? Shouldn't your employer trust that what you put on your resume is true? While your employers certainly aren't out to prove you as a criminal, a background check is a necessary precaution that helps the workplace remain a safe, honest environment. A background check also verifies that you have the proper qualifications and education needed to be a successful mortgage loan originator.


The Process

Getting a background check is a two-step process that includes authorizing a criminal background check and scheduling an appointment to get fingerprints. Here's how to go about it:


Authorizing a NMLS Background Check


     1. Log in to NMLS.

     2. Click on the Filing button.

     3. Navigate to the Individual category.

     4. Press the Request New/Update tab.

     5. Head to the left navigation panel and click Criminal Background Check.

     6. Click the box that says, "I am requesting a Federal Criminal Background Check."

     7. Choose to submit new prints, use existing prints, or use pending prints.

     8. Fill our your Demographics and click to save the information.

     9. Press the Next button.

    10. Press Attest and Submit.

    11. Verify the attestation, click Attest and submit the filing.


Scheduling An Appointment for NMLS Fingerprints


     1. Log into NMLS.

     2. Press the Composite View button.

     3. Choose View Individual from the menu.

     4. Head to the left navigation area and press View Criminal Background Check Requests.

     5. Press the Schedule your fingerprinting appointment link.

     6. Once on the Fieldprint page, go to the New Users section and enter your email address to sign up.

     7. Make a password and answer a security question, then continue with the signup process.

     8. Fill our your personal information and click to save and continue.

     9. Once you land on the appointment page, you can schedule your fingerprint appointment.


Learn More


If you're ready to get your mortgage loan originator license and have questions about the process, contact us at Mortgage Educators today. We offer comprehensive mortgage license courses online and have all the tools you need to get a new license, renew your license, or prepare for the NMLS test. Learn more today!


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