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How to Get an NMLS ID Number 


Before you can complete the  NMLS certification for becoming a loan officer, you need to obtain an NMLS ID number. This NMLS ID number is a tool that will identify you and keep track of your test scores and later enable industry regulators, companies, and the public to monitor individual companies and loan officers. Obtaining an NMLS ID number is your first step toward becoming a loan officer. It establishes a unique and permanent identification that will follow you throughout your career.



Sign Up for an NMLS ID Number


During mortgage license training with Mortgage Educators, we will walk students through the process of how to get an NMLS ID in the first part of your training.


The process of obtaining an NMLS ID number is simple and can be done online. To get started, follow these steps:



  1. Visit the NMLS Resource Center online. (This is specifically for individuals that either need a license or currently have one.) 
  2. In the right-hand corner, select the button that reads “Log in to NMLS.” This will take you to a welcome page. 
  3. At the bottom of the welcome page, click the link labeled “Request an Account.” 
  4. Next, choose the type of account you would like to create. Most likely, you will select “Individual.” To proceed from here, you will be asked to type in a security code to protect against automated applications. 
  5. Click next and, where prompted on the Create an Individual User Account page, enter your information. Make sure to use your full legal name, as is shown on your government ID, and an email address that you can access easily. 
  6. When you’re finished filling out the requested information, click next, and then review and confirm the individual account information. If everything looks correct, click Finish. If not, click Previous and fix any mistakes. Double check everything, especially your social security number. If you need to fix an error after clicking finish, don’t make a duplicate account—you’ll have to contact the NMLS Call Center 
  7. After you complete the application for an NMLS ID number, you’ll receive two emails, both from One will contain your username, and another a temporary password.
  8. Using this information, log into NMLS. You will be prompted to update your password. 
  9. Store your username and password information in a secure location. 


That’s it! You’re on your way to becoming a professional loan officer. You can use your NMLS ID to sign up for the NMLS exam, and you’ll use it in the future when you apply for jobs as a loan officer.


Do you have any questions about becoming a loan officer or preparing for the NMLS exam? Mortgage Educators can help—contact us today!


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