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Secure Your Georgia Mortgage License With Mortgage Educators

Congratulations on your decision to get licensed as a mortgage loan originator in the state of Georgia! Mortgage Educators is a leading all-encompassing mortgage education resource nationwide, and we are excited to guide you towards obtaining your mortgage loan originator’s license in Georgia. Whether you are a just starting a career as a mortgage loan officer, or already have a license in another state, we have convenient mortgage education resources tailored to your needs. For new loan officers, we offer the 20-hour online Georgia mortgage license course shown below. Start earning your license by ordering your online education course bundle today, or call us at (801)-676-2520 for further information.


NMLS Certified Georgia Mortgage Education Course Bundle

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Why Should I Get A Mortgage Loan Originator License In Georgia?


For many, a career as a mortgage loan originator in Georgia can be rewarding, refreshing, and highly successful. As a loan officer, the people you work with and your daily tasks will likely change daily. However, loan origination is not for everyone. In order to succeed, it takes strong social skills, a drive to succeed, and a love for learning. If those sound like characteristics you possess, then order your online mortgage education bundle and welcome to your new career as a mortgage loan officer!


NMLS Georgia Loan Officer Licensing Requirements


Each state has different requirements to obtain a loan officer license. In Georgia, 20 hours of national NMLS certified mortgage education must be completed to receive a mortgage loan originator’s license. These 20 hours of education can be fulfilled any of these three ways: in an online instructor-led course, via a live webinar course, or in a live classroom setting.  
We find that most new loan officers tend to complete the education requirements with our convenient online course bundles, like the one shown above. These course bundles consist of pre-recorded video lectures led by our experienced professors, supported by slideshow presentations with comprehensive quizzes to ensure you’ve retained the material. Upon completing the mortgage education materials, you’ll be prepared to take the NMLS national exam! All completed hours of mortgage education will be reported to the NMLS by Mortgage Educators upon completion.


Get Detailed NMLS Georgia Mortgage Education Requirments Here


Do I Need A Georgia Mortgage Broker License, Or A Loan Officer’s License?


While similar, a Georgia mortgage broker license is not interchangeable with a mortgage loan origination license. Many aspiring loan officers entering the loan origination industry are incorrectly directed towards a mortgage broker license, while it is a career as a loan originator they hope for. So what is the difference, and which should you get? 
Simply stated, mortgage loan originators (or loan officers) are employed by a mortgage broker. Loan officers are client-facing, and responsible for providing new home buyers with a mortgage loan. If this sounds like what you’d like to do, you’ll need to obtain your Georgia loan officer license.


Additional Questions?

We are excited to help you with any aspect of your mortgage education. For assistance or further information, please call us or send us an email today!


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