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The NMLS requires all licensed MLOs to take a minimum of 8 hours of continuing education each year, as well as any state-required electives. We offer continuing education in a variety of formats for the NMLS license renewal process.



NMLS (CE) Continuing Education in the Online Self-Study format for this year (2023) is coming soon!

Until then join a Live NMLS Renewal Webinar now!


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NMLS License Renewal - Online CE Courses

Please note: NMLS Continuing Education or Late Continuing Education courses are only valid in the year purchased.

(Mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets are not supported for NMLS-approved courses)



State-Specific Mortgage CE Requirements


Be sure to look up the specific NMLS CE renewal requirements for your own state, since some states include slight variations on the general requirements. In any given state, you will need at least 8 hours of NMLS-approved education.


The state-specific requirements cover state laws, topics and rules that pertain to that state. For example, New Mexico, New Jersey, and New York require 1, 2, and 3 state-focused hours, respectively, as part of their NMLS CE requirements.


Such states either (a) use your 1 hour of undefined class time for this purpose or (b) require that you take more than 8 total hours of CE classes. The linked resource above (especially page 4) lists the information you’ll need as you prepare for NMLS renewal.


Here is a helpful table to see how many NMLS continuing education hours are required in your state (note: these are only states with agencies that require specific hours)



Just as doctors and lawyers have ongoing medical and legal training, loan officers need to continue taking education courses in order to renew their NMLS licenses. This ensures that mortgage loan originators (MLOs) have the knowledge needed to do their jobs correctly, year in and year out.


If you're an MLO wondering when and where to take your next NMLS renewal mortgage CE course, check out our guide below. We'll explain everything you need to know about mortgage NMLS CE courses and requirements.


NMLS Mortgage CE Course Requirements


Every state requires MLOs to complete 8 hours of NMLS-approved online classes before renewing their license each year. To begin this coursework, you'll need an NMLS ID Number, which can be confirmed with your provider.


The SAFE Act requires MLOs with a state license to complete additional education requirements, including:


  • 3 hours of federal law and regulations

  • 2 hours of ethics

  • 2 hours of training on lending standards for nontraditional mortgages

  • 1 hour of undefined courses on mortgage origination


Many MLOs are unaware of the nuances when it comes to continuing education (CE) rules. Here are some lesser-known policies to be aware of when completing the required NMLS renewal courses:


  • CE can be completed any time up until the renewal date, meaning MLOs can start working on them as early as January 1st.

  • CE must be completed in the same year of licensure, unless federal PE was completed in the same year.

  • A late CE is required for an MLO returning to the industry.

Upcoming NMLS Continuing Education Deadlines


Each state has different education completion deadlines. Please double-check your state's deadlines with the NMLS. Remember the NMLS SMART Deadline to complete your Continuing Education is on Friday, December 9th.



Continuing Education Course Access will end on Thursday, December 29th.

No refunds will be granted to those with unfinished courses due to this deadline.


NMLS-Approved Late Continuing Education 


  • If CE hour requirements change, the MLO must meet the new requirements after the effective date of the new requirement.

  • If an MLO gets their license between November 1st and December 31st, they will not have to complete CE that year. 

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Late Continuing Education is required for all MLO's who once had an active license, who want to reactivate their license. Please note that requirements vary by state.


We recommend calling the NMLS to see what may be required.

NMLS phone # 855-665-7123


Why MLOs Like Mortgage Educators Online CE Renewal Courses


Mortgage Educators has been approved with NMLS since 2010, teaching tens of thousands of students nationwide every year. As a leading CE provider, Mortgage Educators offers all CE courses for every state requirement, including late CE for any state. Our seasoned customer support team and CE licensing specialists will ensure you get the right education for your NMLS renewal needs.



Flexible and Valuable


Our industry-leading pricing means you get incredible value no matter which course you're taking. We offer a price match guarantee, making us the best option no matter what the competition may offer.


When you complete your NMLS CE with Mortgage Educators, you can choose the classroom format that works for you, whether it's in person, a live webinar, or an online self-study course. All formats include engaging, relevant content and excellent customer support.


Well-Reviewed and Dependable


With strong MLO testimonials, high reviews on Reseller Ratings, and Google reviews, Mortgage Educators is the clear choice for your CE courses. When you have to complete CE courses every year, it's smart to stick with a provider you can rely on. Mortgage Educators stands out as the premier CE provider for our fresh content, high reviews, and expert team. You can even hire our president and mortgage industry expert, David Luna, to come to speak at your next event, giving you an entertaining and educational way to complete your CE requirements.


The Successive Years Rule has led some MLOs to believe the myth that they must take CE from a different provider every year, when really the rule simply states that they cannot take the same course two years in a row. Fortunately, Mortgage Educators writes a brand new course every year, meaning you'll always get the most relevant education, and you'll never have to worry about whether or not you're meeting the Successive Years Rule requirement.


What to Look for in an NMLS-Approved CE Provider


When choosing a CE provider, it's important to seek out a reputable NMLS-approved company that offers customer support and will give you the best education possible. Choosing an NMLS-approved provider will guarantee a higher standard of education, since these providers must undergo a rigid renewal process each year. Here are some other things to look for when choosing a NMLS CE provider:


Fresh Content


Choosing a CE provider with fresh content will ensure you meet the Successive Years Rule and never inadvertently take the same course two years in a row. If a provider offers multiple CE courses, there's no way of knowing when each one was created so their mortgage training may be out-of-date. It's much better to go with a provider that is constantly creating new content to meet new guidelines.


Multiple Formats


Everyone has their own preferred learning style. While some may flourish with in-person classes, others may want an online course that can be completed on-the-go. Select a CE provider that offers multiple course formats, and you'll be able to learn in the style that works for you and your schedule.




Before choosing a CE provider, make sure you do your research to see what others are saying about them. Do they have good Google and Reseller Ratings reviews? Do they have positive comments on social media? The best CE providers will have a strong online reputation and a good sampling of customer testimonials.



Start Your NMLS License Renewal Courses Today


At Mortgage Educators, we're experts in licensing and education for MLOs. Contact our seasoned professional team to learn more about our CE courses, or to ask any questions you might have about our courses. 


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