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florida mortgage loan originator license


How to Get Your (MLO) Mortgage License in Florida


1. Fulfill all state and federal education requirements as designated by your state agency. (18+2 Hr FL)


2. Schedule, study for and pass your national mortgage exam.


3. Apply for the MLO License: Complete and submit your MU4 through the NMLS including, paying the licensing fee, completing a criminal background check and an authorized credit report. 


Florida is known for beautiful weather, exciting urban centers, and a strong real estate market. Sounds like a great place for a career in mortgage loan origination, doesn’t it? Mortgage Educators & Compliance offers industry-leading, convenient mortgage training course bundles to help you obtain your Florida mortgage loan originator license. Whether you are an experienced loan officer entering a new state or brand new to the industry, we have a course package tailored to your needs. Choose between the 20-hour pre-licensing mortgage education course for new loan officers, or the 2-hour state law pre-license course for existing loan officers shown below today!


Complete Your Florida Mortgage License Education Requirements With This 20 Hr. Pre-Licensing Course

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2 Hr. Pre-Licensing State Law Course For Existing Loan Officers

Already licensed in another state? Get your Florida license today!

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For questions about ordering or other information, call (801) 676-2520


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Why Become A Loan Officer With A Mortgage License in Florida?

A mortgage license in Florida could be the foundation to the flexible, lively, and engaging career you’re seeking. However, getting licensed is hard work, and requires dedication and a willingness to learn. Our goal is to make obtaining your mortgage license as convenient, and simple as possible. Our mortgage license course bundles satisfy all of Florida’s required education credits and include a test prep course to help you pass the national NMLS license exam. So, if you are social, diligent, and dedicated to learning, obtaining your Florida mortgage license may be a perfect choice.


Requirements For Obtaining Your Florida Mortgage Loan Originator License

Florida requires new loan originators to complete 20 hours of mortgage education; an 18 hour online instructor-led course, and a 2 hour Florida state law and rules course. Mortgage Educators & Compliance bundles both of these courses into one convenient mortgage training course bundle. As you complete courses, we will report your completed hours of education to the NMLS. After completing the courses, and passing your NMLS license national exam, you’ll be ready to start your career as a mortgage loan originator!


What's The Difference Between A Florida Mortgage Broker License and a Loan Officer License

“Mortgage broker” and “mortgage loan officer” are frequently confused terms. As a result, many people searching for a Florida mortgage broker license are actually trying to get licensed as a mortgage loan originator. So what’s the difference, and which should you get? Simply put, mortgage loan originators are employed by a mortgage broker. Loan officers are responsible for providing mortgage loans to homeowners. Therefore, if you are seeking a career in loan origination, you will need to select one of the course bundles shown above.


Additional Questions?

Mortgage Educators and Compliance is here to answer any additional questions that you may have in regards to your Florida mortgage license. For additional questions, feel free to call us at (801) 676-2520 or email us at


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