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Live National Test Prep Webinar

In this Test Prep we will cover all possible topics you could be tested on in a unique, fast paced,
engaging learning experience! With techniques designed to help you learn and retain
content, we will give you the edge needed to pass the National Mortgage Licensing Exam!
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Upon purchase of this course, you will be enrolled into "National Test Prep Webinar" and "National Test Prep Recording" courses. Found in "my courses"

You will have the ability to participate in all upcoming test prep webinars for your access period. For example, if you purchased on 3/20/23, you would have access to join a live 

Test Prep Webinar from 5/20/23-6/20/23.

Course Details

Course is broken into 2 separate classes, and follows a chronological journey. Each Course
runs about 5 hours depending on engagement and Q&A. Plan to stay for extended additional
Bonus Activity after each class, when applicable and time permits.


Parts 1 & 2 Breakdown:


Part 1:

- Understanding Lending, History of Lending
- Licensing – SAFE Act 
- Mortgage Products, Programs, Features
- Sourcing Your Business
- Best Practices & Applicable Federal Laws (RESPA, TILA, MAP, ECOA, Do Not Call, Etc.)
- TRID, 1003, LE, Escrows, APR, Prepaid Interest, Timing, Tolerances
- Initial Disclosures
- Test Taking Tips (More in Part 2!)


Part 2:

- Qualifying the Borrower
- Income, Assets, Liabilities, DTI, Adverse Action
- Credit and Surrounding Federal Law
- Qualified Mortgage (QM), Ability to Repay (ATR), HPML, High-Cost Section 32
- Appraisal, Title, Insurance
- TRID – CD, Final Loan Process & Underwriting Steps
- Closing, Funding, Right of Rescission, Foreclosure
- Fraud, Ethics, Fair Lending
- Summary Law Review
- Final Test Preparation
- Taking the Test


Special Note: Classes run continually each month. Please check the calendar shown above to see which dates you'd like to attend. 

 *Prior to taking this Test Prep Course, it is highly recommended that you've read your textbook at least one time through, and have completed your 20-hour Pre-Licensing education.

This will ensure you get the full benefit of this course and prepare you for your national test.