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Mortgage license renewal requirements indicate that loan originators must complete continuing education classes. But if you’ve missed the deadline for taking these courses, all is not lost. Check out our guide to learn how to apply for and complete NMLS late CE courses in order to renew your mortgage license.


In 2020, every state that requires state electives (including the overall 8-hour course) will be able to accept NMLS Late CE courses. That means for the first time in every state, MEC (Mortgage Educators & Compliance) will have NMLS Late CE courses available for 2019 and elective requirements for EVERY state.



2010-2019 NMLS Late CE Course Details

Late CE NMLS courses are 8-hour courses intended for those who missed the deadline for renewing their mortgage license. These courses provide the complete continuing education content and include all necessary electives required by your state.


You can access late CE courses at any time of day on the Mortgage Educators website. Each section is broken into a 5-minute video or audio segment and is set up in an online self study format.


NMLS late CE online courses are usually priced at $80, we’re offering them for $64.98 for a short period (plus $18 per state elective).


It’s important to note that these courses cannot be applied to the requirements for CE courses in 2020, but they will allow you to renew your mortgage license for the 2010-2019 period. Mortgage Educators will be selling CE courses on January 1st 2021. These courses are valid for make up CE for years 2010-2020.


Who Needs Late CE NMLS?

Mortgage late CE courses are designed for those who need NMLS late renewal in order to achieve NMLS license reinstatement. These loan originators have missed the deadline requirements for 2010-2019. If you’re not sure if this applies to you, contact the NMLS education staff to find out how many credits you have. When reaching out to the NMLS education staff, please include:>



First and last name as it appears in NMLS

The State(s) for which you are seeking licensure

Your contact information


If you failed to complete your continuing education requirements for 2010-2019, then you are required to take NMLS Late CE Courses for mortgage license renewal. Our MEC courses fulfill the Late CE 8-Hour Comprehensive continuing education requirement and any state electives that you need for licensure. You can find the links to these courses below:



7+1 NMLS Late CE Course Bundles #11578


Additional State Elective Late CE Courses


Contact Mortgage Educators today with any questions you have about NMLS late CE online courses. We’re happy to answer any questions you have and help you get enrolled so you can complete your late mortgage renewal.