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Mortgage New License Training | NMLS Education



Taught by 35 year mortgage industry expert David Luna

The online instructor led NMLS approved course #2161 fulfills the comprehensive mortgage license education requirement you need to obtain a mortgage loan originator license. All states require a minimum of 20 hours of mortgage education from a NMLS approved mortgage school. This special bundle package also includes test prep for the National Exam with UST.  

 This online bundle package special offer is $269 $239.97 for a limited time. 


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What is the NMLS?

The Secure and Fair Enforcement Act also known as the "SAFE" Act was passed in 2008 requiring universal state education and testing requirements. The Nationwide Multi-State Licensing System and Registry ("NMLS") was created as a licensing and registration resource for prospective and current licensees along with consumers to use when searching for a mortgage company. The required education must be completed through a NMLS accredited or approved provider. The most popular and common format for pre-license courses is online instructor led.   

Is MEC the mortgage school for me?

Mortgage Educators and Compliance has been a approved education provider with NMLS since 2009 (Provider # 1400062 which can be verified on the NMLS approved provider list)  MEC passes thousands of students each year through the 20 hour education course and the national exam. MEC not only delivers updated and relevant content but has instructors that are currently in the mortgage industry to help you become the mortgage professional you want to be. We include our test prep course to help you pass the national exam on the first try. Customer service is our first priority and our online courses are easy to navigate providing you a start to finish positive learning experience. 

Does this course work for me in my state? 

Each state requires a minimum of 20 Hours of NMLS approved pre-license education, with some states requiring additional elective hours. This course will work in any state for the comprehensive education requirement however your state may require additional or specific hours that must also be completed. For a updated state-specific education chart as of July 2017 use the link provided to find out if your state has specific requirements outside of the 20 Hour SAFE Course.(NMLS Education Quick Link WEBSITE)

The minimum pre-license education for new mortgage loan originators is outlined in the SAFE Act as follows:

3 hours of federal laws and regulations

3 hours of ethics and fraud

2 hours of lending standards related to non-traditional mortgage products

12 hours of undefined instruction on mortgage origination 


Mortgage Educators and Compliance is excited to offer our online instructor led bundle course with test preparation practice exams for the low discounted rate of $269 $239.97 Offer Extended through the end of this month* Includes Mandatory NMLS $30 Banking FEE

           This course is broken up into 5 minute sections. Each section contains pre-recorded videos followed by activities and small quizzes. We offer interactive video along with our presentation to improve the learning experience. We have weekly scheduled start dates allowing you access to the materials 24/7 once the course and chapter is loaded into your online account.  The course has 7 total chapters which take approximately 2-3 hours each to complete. The course content topic outline follows the NMLS national exam topics. 


Mortgage MEC NMLS #2161 Online Course Content Online :

Chapter 1 - Becoming an MLO

Chapter 2 - Learning the Products and the Programs

Chapter 3 Initial Application

Chapter 4 - Processing and Underwriting

Chapter 5 - Closing and Funding

Chapter 6 - Ethics in Mortgage Lending

Chapter 7 - Review of Federal Law

Final Exam and Completion Form


        Take advantage of our very affordable NMLS approved education bundle which focuses on preparing you to pass the NMLS national exam on the first try for $269 $239. (Use coupon code: SEPTPL at checkout) Choose from several start dates each week and flexible 5, 7 or 12 day track dates. All NMLS approved online instructor led courses are required to have a defined time frame of completion of either 5, 7 or 12 calendar days with a start and end date. There is a live instructor leading each course track that may be used to answer questions by phone, email or live chat. 


Did you know that approximately 50% of the NMLS National Exam is not covered by the 8 hours of "core" topics mandated by the NMLS? Therefore, the 20 hour NMLS-approved course you choose to prepare you to pass the National NMLS Exam does matter! 

At Mortgage Educators and Compliance, we have opted to allocate the 12 elective hours in 2018 to address the 50 percent of the Exam NOT covered in the "core" 8 hours. This includes detailed content concerning both loan origination activities and general mortgage knowledge. We also use a portion of the 12 hours to expand upon the most difficult section of the National NMLS Exam: Federal Laws and Regulations. 


In order to provide you with the greatest opportunity to pass the National NMLS Exam with UST, we built the entire 20 hour course around the NMLS National Component With UST Outline. All topic and subtopics addressed on the outline are covered in great detail in our 20 Hour SAFE Comprehensive OIL Course. Also, all licensees who sign up for our 20 Hour National SAFE Comprehensive pre-licensure course bundle will receive FREE access to our online NMLS national test prep with UST prep course which includes over 1000 practice questions and a 500 page textbook. (a $99 value) 


Below are some things you should know about the test and education breakdown.

NMLS National Exam with UST

The National NMLS Exam tests you in five major categories:

  1. Federal Law (23%)
  2. General Mortgage Knowledge (23%)
  3. Loan Origination Activities (25%)
  4. Ethics (16%)
  5. Uniform State Content (13%)

Required Education NMLS APPROVED COURSE #2161

The SAFE Act mandates that all individuals take 20 hours of Pre-license education to receive their mortgage license. Although 20 hours are required, only 8 of the 20 hours have topics prescribed by the NMLS governing body. The 20 hours are broken down as follows:

  • 8 Core Hours
    • 3 hours of Federal law and regulations;
    • 3 hours of ethics, this shall include instruction on fraud, consumer protection, and fair lending issues;
    • 2 hours of training related to lending standards for the nontraditional mortgage product marketplace; and
  • 12 hours of undefined elective instruction on mortgage origination 

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