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2017 Michigan Online Instructor Led - NMLS 20 Hour S.A.F.E. with 2 Hour MI Bundle #2161

20 Hour SAFE Course with MI 2 hour elective bundle.
NMLS Course #2161 and #6448

Select Course Start Date

Select Course Start Date


This course has been approved by the NMLS to fulfill the 20 hours of Pre-Licensure Education requirement outlined in the SAFE Act for mortgage loan originators and brokers. 

NMLS Course #2161 and #6448NMLS Provider #1400062 


State Specific Education

This course will be taught as an instructor led online course format. The course needs to be completed within 5, 7 or 14 calendar days from when the start date begins. Please choose your start date when you add the product to your cart.


There are three course track choices each week: a Monday 5 day, Friday 7 day, or Wednesday 14 day. Access will begin on the date that you choose at 9 AM. 


If you have any questions please contact


This course does include Michigan state specific hours. If you are in one of the 30 or so states that require additional or specific state hours please be advised that those hours will need to be completed in addition to this course. This course is broken up into 10 chapters. Each chapter has several sections and those 5 minute sections contain pre-recorded videos followed by activities and small quizzes. The course has a staggered weekly schedule allowing you access 24/7 once the chapter is uploaded into your account. Each chapter is approximately two hours long. 

20 Hour Course Content Outline :
Course Introduction
Chapter 1 - General Mortgage Knowledge
Chapter 2 - Federal Laws Part I
Chapter 3 - Federal Laws Part II
Chapter 4 - Federal Laws Part III
Chapter 5 - General Mortgage Knowledge I
Chapter 6 - General Mortgage Knowledge II
Chapter 7 - Mortgage Loan Origination Activities I
Chapter 8 - Mortgage Loan Origination Activities II
Chapter 9 - Ethics and Fraud
Chapter 10 - Uniform State Test
Final Exam and Completion Form Survey
2 hour MI Outline:
Chapter 1 - License Law and Regulation
Chapter 2 - Compliance and Disciplinary Action
Final Exam and Completion Form

Once a student watches a section they move forward by successfully completing a quiz or activity. There is a live instructor that is leading the course when a student has questions or needs help. The course allows for interaction with the instructor and other students.

A comprehensive national test prep course with the uniform state test (UST) component is included in this bundle. Over 1000 practice questions and study materials will be loaded into your account upon purchase.

When ordering the course after hours, on weekends or holidays please allow up to 24-48 hours for the course to be loaded into your account. 

Email for any questions.

If you do not access or start the course you may receive a full refund within 24 hours of purchase or a partial refund of 75% with 30 days of purchase. If the course has been started within our system and accessed there will not be a refund granted.