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2017 Oregon Online - 20+4 Hour Online S.A.F.E. Comprehensive Pre-licensure Course Bundle

This is a NMLS APPROVED OREGON 20+4 hour online instructor course bundle.
NMLS Provider ID#1400062 Course
20 hour course ID #2161
4 hour OR live webinar cours ID #6267
4 hour OR online instructor led Course ID #6838
*Oregon 4 hour course LIVE WEBINAR, call to schedule
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This course has been approved by the NMLS to fulfill the 20+4 hours of Pre-Licensure Education needed by all new loan officers in Oregon. 

This course will be taught as an instructor led online course.The course needs to be completed within 5, 14 or 7 calendar days from when the start date begins.

Your course will be uploaded at 9 AM pacific time.

The 20 hour portion of the course bundle is broken up into 5 minute sections which contain pre-recorded videos followed by assignments and small quizzes. The course has a staggered weekly schedule allowing you access 24/7 once the course is uploaded.

20 hour Course Content Outline :

Chapter 1 - Federal Laws Part I

Chapter 2 - Federal Laws Part II

Chapter 3 - Federal Laws Part III

Chapter 4 - General Mortgage Knowledge Part I

Chapter 5 - General Mortgage Knowledge Part II

Chapter 6 - Mortgage Loan Origination Activities Part I

Chapter 7 - Mortgage Loan Origination Activities Part II

Chapter 8 - Mortgage Loan Origination Activities Part III

Chapter 9 - Ethics

Chapter 10 - Uniform State Test

4 Hour OR Course Content Outline:

Chapter 1: Safe Act

Chapter 2: Administrative Rules

Chapter 3: Security Freeze and Real Estate Licensure

Final Exam and Course Completion Form 

National test-prep is included with the purchase of this bundle. Nearly 1,000 practice questions and comprehensive study material will be added into your MEC account upon purchase. You will have access to the test-prep for up to one-year.

Please allow up to 24 hours to be loaded into the course on weekends, holidays and after hours on the next track start date. Email support@MortgageEducators.com for any questions.

If you do not access or start the course you may receive a full refund within 24 hours of purchase or a partial refund of 75% with 30 days of purchase. If the course has been started within our system and accessed there will not be a refund granted.

NMLS Provider # 1400062