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Live WEBINAR - Hawaii 3 Hour State Law Elective Pre-Licensure Education 2017 #6184

NMLS Provider #1400062 Course approval #6184
Available to anyone nationwide.
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LIVE WEBINAR Hawaii 3 Hour SAFE 2016 

This course fulfills the Hawaii State Law Elective Pre-Licensure requirement for 2016 in a live webinar format. 

CLASS Starts at 10 AM Hawaii to 1 PM Hawaii time (1 pm to 4 pm Mountain time)

EMAIL Instructions will be sent out 2 days before the beginning of the webinar. 

This course is in live webinar format and requires the student to be active and pay attention the entire time. Control measures will be taken to ensure participation

NMLS Course #6184 - Webinar Format - There will be an end of course assessment.

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