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California DBO or BRE License Education | Mortgage Educators & Compliance

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Obtaining a mortgage license and becoming a California loan officer is very simple, but it’s not for everyone. It takes a willingness to learn the basic ins and outs of the industry as well as a desire to work hard. The mortgage industry is a great one to get into and it provides a lot of flexibility. If you like to work hard, if you are a people person, and you have a desire to learn, becoming a mortgage loan officer is the perfect choice for you.



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For questions about ordering or other information, call (801) 676-2520


What is CA-DBO and CA-BRE and what is the difference between the two when it comes to license application?

California mortgage licensing is split between two separate licensing entities, the Bureau of Real Estate (CA-BRE) and the Department of Business Oversight (CA-DBO). Both licensing entities require 20 hours of SAFE education, but the CA-DBO requires an additional 2 hour course with content specific to CA-DBO.


If you are unsure which agency you should register under or have additional questions about getting licensed, please contact your sponsoring mortgage company, the NMLS or MEC for clarification.


Mortgage Broker vs. Mortgage Loan Officer – What’s the difference?

Mortgage brokers and mortgage loan officers are often confused with each other. Because of this, most people looking to get a mortgage broker’s license are actually looking for a mortgage loan officer’s license. So what is the difference?


Generally speaking, a mortgage broker is a company that employs mortgage loan officers. The loan officers are employed by the broker to originate loans for home buyers when they are looking for a loan for their mortgage.


So what kind of courses do I need to do to get started on my license?

California requires 20 hours of mortgage education for each new loan officer to become licensed. The CA-DBO requires an additional 2 hours of DBO-specific education. Mortgage Educators offers a low price bundle of $259 that includes all 20 hours and a comprehensive test prep course to help you score your best on the NMLS national test component.


Additional questions? 

Mortgage Educators and Compliance is here to answer any additional questions that you may have in regards to your California mortgage license. For additional questions, feel free to call us at (801) 676-2520 or email us at