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Mortgage Educators and Compliance is dedicated to our clients. We appreciate your business and hope you use us for all your future mortgage training and education each year. If you have any questions or would like to know more call us today 877-403-1428 or




Nationwide Customer Reviews




Recent Customer Reviews


From 2017


"After taking the 20-hour courses with MEC, I was able to pass my MLO test with a passing score of 84% first time.  I always give credit where it’s due, and in our case, thank you to both instructors for being so thorough in providing examples of real time experiences." Jay - 2017


"I just wanted to say thank you for the course, it was more than just education. I enjoyed your fun examples, relevant stories and it was a pleasure to be taught by you. I never realized how fun it could be to do Loans until I was able to be tutored by you. Again, thank you.  MEC was a great company and I was very impressed with the customer service." Connor - 2017



From 2016


"I really enjoyed course and would recommend to everyone. Easy to take and complete, representative very helpful at all times." Antonio - 2016


"Excellent insights and easy to follow" Lori - 2016


"Very easy to navigate" Crystal - 2016


"This was a great course to take. it was very easy to do and complete."  Antonio - 2016


"It's great customer service and instructors that keep me coming back to MEC each year." Eric -2016



From 2015


"It's an excellent course and I'm completely satisfied with it. I would recommend it over any other courses for anyone who wants to study for the MLO examination." Manuel - 2015


"I wish there were more knowledgeable instructors like Dave Luna to teach other subjects." Helidon - 2015


"This is a great course for the NMLS. I was unsure at the beginning but I signed up anyway. I'm glad I did. The instructor, David Luna, has a wealth of knowledge and will keep you captivated throughout the course. They provide reams of material to study and get prepared. Call them. They are friendly and answered all of my questions." Mark - 2015


"This program ROCKS!! Very easy navigation, and very friendly leaders! I highly recommend this course to anyone trying to get their license."

Harley -2015

Online CE

"Very pleased, first time user of this course and I very much prefer this course to others I have used in the past. Thank you for the topics being relevant and current and not just references to antiquated loan programs etc."

- Fred, 8 Hour CE - 2015

"By far this has been the smoothest and most effective course I have taken on line. The online program was very stable and predictable allowing me to focus on the course content and not be distracted by the medium. The course speakers were very informative as well as entertaining, presenting the information in a manner that kept my attention, was easy to absorb and easy to remember. Thanks MEC."

- Charles, 8 Hour CE - 2015


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Online Pre-License

"After taking this course and completing i feel so much more confidence in my ability in the mortgage profession. This course has motivated me and i am excited to continue my journey to becoming a licensed mortgage loan originator in the state of california. Ill definitely be back for my CE every year moving forward."

- Adam, 20 Hour PE - 2015


"I definitely recommend this course for anyone looking to get into the mortgage industry. I am brand new to all this, and have learned a lot. If you are thinking about joining the mortgage world, please consider MEC for your learning experience."

 - Aldo, 20 Hour PE - 2015


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Online State Specific

"Each year I use Mortgage Educators for my continuing educational classes. I have found them to be a better source to take my continuing education courses. I will always use Mortgage Educators for all of my courses."

- Tera, Arizona, 1 Hour AZ CE - October, 2014

"I've tried other courses and this by far was the most fluid and easily understood."

- John, Nevada, 1 Hour AZ CE - September, 2014


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Live CE Classroom

"Thank you SO much for offering this one-day class opportunity. It is much better than trying to do it online! Our Instructor was very knowledgeable and this class surpassed all my expectations."

- Debra, Washington, 10 Hour Live Seattle Class - September, 2014

"Please come back next year! This class was very captivating and informative. Our Instructor was great."

- John, Michigan, 8 Hour Live Linsing Class - August, 2014

"I just wanted to take a moment to compliment you on your excellent course yesterday. Considering the course material, you made the class fun, interesting, and very informative. I learned a lot and was expecting to learn nothing. The day went by quickly. I would highly recommend your company to associates."

- Mark, California, 8 Hour Live Irvine Class - October 2014

"Dave was very informative and entertaining. I would absolutely take another live class with Dave. Thank you!" 
- Teresa, Utah, 8 Hour Live Security National Class - April 2015


See for yourself! Check us out and see what everyone's talking about!