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If you are having any problems with a course (such as video not playing, pausing, etc), please follow the steps below!


Upgrade or change your web browser

Web browsers are being constantly updated by the companies that produce them. Updates often address problems or bugs in the browser. Updating to the latest version of your browser can often resolve nagging problems. If you continue to have problems, you can also install and use a different web browser. This can help when computer settings are causing problems with your current web browser. We have found that our system works best with the Firefox and Chrome web browsers. Below are links to get the latest version of the most popular web browsers (they are all free programs):
Internet Explorer 

Clear your cache

Your internet browser stores information, or copies, of websites you have visited to make them load more quickly on future visits. However, storage space for these copies is often limited. Streaming video files can cause this limited space to fill up, making it difficult for your browser to stream additional video. If the video you are trying to watch is freezing, choppy, or not fully loading, then you can clear these temporary files, also called clearing your cache. The link below gives instructions for how to clear the cache for recent versions of the popular web browsers, as an additional step make sure you are completely off of our website before clearing your cache:  
Click here for instructions to clear cache or temporary files for all non-Metro browsers
(Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 11 and below)
Click here for instructions to clear cache or temporary files for the Internet Explorer Metro app
(Latest versions of Internet Explorer, or "Edge")

Clear Flash Cache

All of our courses utilize the Adobe Flash Player. Just as with browser cache (above), the Flash Player stores temporary files and information on your computer in its own cache. You should clear this cache periodically, and especially if you have any difficulties with the courses. Follow the link below to clear your Flash cache. Click on the "Delete all sites" button, followed by the "Confirm" button:
Clear Flash Cache
(Click "Delete all sites", then "Confirm") 

Update Flash Player 

In order for the video content to stream properly on your computer, you want to have the most current version of Adobe Flash Player. The Adobe Flash Player is free, so it won't cost you anything. If you have already cleared your internet browser and Flash's cache and video is still not loading, then you may need to update your Flash player. After installing the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, you may need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect. The link below will check your installed Flash version and show what the latest available version is:


Check your Flash Player version here