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2021 4 Hr AZ DFI Responsible Individual Online CE Course

4 Hour AZ DFI Responsible Individual Online Self Study CE State Law Elective
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Course Information

This 4 hour Arizona CE course is required by the DFI for 2021 Arizona DFI mortgage license renewal.

This course is presented in an online self-study read-only slide presentation format. The course is made up of 2 chapters broken into 5 minute sections that require clicking to advance to the next slide and includes a handful of small quizzes. After completing the introduction to the course, each section will start with an average duration of 5 minutes per section. Each 5 minute section will be followed by an activity. These activities can be either short quizzes or case studies focusing on certain concepts.

At the end of each chapter, there is a chapter quiz with a final exam wrapping up the course. Students must complete all presentation and activity sections, all quizzes and tests, and the final exam in order to receive credit for the course. After completing the course, students will receive a certificate of completion.

The course will be loaded into your MyMEC account immediately upon purchase.


4 Hour Arizona Responsible Individual CE Course Outline

Chapter 1: The Duties of a Responsible Individual


  • Identify a responsible individual’s job
  • Relate what is a deceptive or misleading statement
  • Discuss AZ requirements for advertising, including the use of unique identifiers on advertising
  • Understand additional federal laws related to advertising
  • Describe how to help your MLOs get licensed
  • Identify prohibited conduct under AZ law
  • Reviews and describe the real-life cases that are discussed at the end of this course


Chapter 2: Elder Financial Exploitation & Reverse Mortgages


  • Understand what elder financial abuse is
  • Restate how a reverse mortgage works
  • Describe AZ’s requirements related to reverse mortgages


Chapter 3: RESPA Section 8 & Loan Originator Compensation


  • Describe the requirements for RESPA Section 8 and the New MSA Guidance
  • Understand the basics of Loan Originator Compensation
  • Relate AZ’s stance on Loan Originator Compensation


Chapter 4: Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEMS) & Disaster Lending


  • Describe guidance from the GSE’s, FHA and VA on disaster lending
  • Understand the options for energy efficient mortgages or EEMs


Final Exam & Completion Form


This course ends with a 25 question final exam that will assess your understanding of the course material. After completing and passing the final exam, complete the course completion form in order to receive credit. An end-of-course survey may be filled out as well to provide feedback to Mortgage Educators & Compliance.

MLOs are advised that to comply with the SAFE Act's "successive years" rule, they may not take the same CE course two years in a row.


MLOs are advised not to retake pre-licensure education (PE) unless directed to by a State Regulator. PE education does not count towards meeting annual CE requirements.

REFUND POLICY: If you have not yet started the course, you may receive a full refund within 24 hours of purchase, or a partial refund of 75% within 30 days of purchase. If the course has been accessed and started within our system, we cannot grant refunds.

NMLS Course Provider #1400062