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ONLINE - NMLS National Test with UST Prep Course - Expanded

This Expanded version of the 3 Hour NMLS National and UST Test Prep course also includes over 700 practice test questions, an NMLS slide presentation based on our 20 Hour NMLS Pre-licensure course, and our UST test preparation.


                                                                                                                                           NATIONAL EXAM WITH UST PREP COURSE EXPANDED

To help prepare you to successfully pass the NMLS national exam, Mortgage Educators and Compliance has developed an online NMLS Test Prep Course. This course consists of the following:

  • Sample exams that simulates the NMLS national test. This test is broken down into the following modules (Federal, General Mortgage Knowledge, Loan Origination Activities, Ethics, and Uniform State Component) to mirror the NMLS national test you will take.
  • 30% Federal Law questions
  • 20% General Mortgage Knowledge questions
  • 20% Loan Origination Activities questions
  • 15%  Ethics questions
  • 15% Uniform State Test
  • The same comprehensive NMLS online slide presentation that is provided to students who enroll in our 20 hour NMLS pre-licensure class. (This will not satisfy NMLS 20 hour pre-licensure requirements).
  • Sample question pool of over 700 test questions for national, and over 200 for UST, allowing you to take multiple sample exams to increase the likelihood of passing the NMLS national exam.

In addition to passing the NMLS national exam, most states also require existing and new Mortgage Loan Officers (MLOs) to pass a State specific exam. Mortgage Educators and Compliance has NMLS State specific Test Preparation courses as well.


You will be permitted to access the online lecture and sample test for 6 months. Another 6 month extension is granted upon request. We recommend that you watch the course and take the exam as many times as you need to prepare for the exam. The exam questions are randomly drawn from a much larger pool of questions. Taking the exams multiple times will help ensure that you have been exposed to the entire pool of 700+ questions.