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NMLS CE and PE LIVE Classroom Course Classes


2015 NMLS Approved Live Classroom Education Course Classes 

 Fulfill your NMLS continuing education requirement with one of our several classroom course options. Mortgage Educators and Compliance  (NMLS Approved Provider #1400062) is excited to release our new live classroom dates. What sets MEC apart is our industry expert instructors. Each instructor has been hand picked and gone through our certification program. Each live class engages all participates in updated and relevant mortgage industry instruction. Our live classes also gives you the opportunity to network and collaborate with other mortgage professionals in your area. Come take a day out of the office and reserve your seat in one of our live courses below at the very best RATE!





(Includes 1 Hr. CA-DBO)

8 Hr Memphis, May 4th

10 Hr Lone Tree, June 25th

8 Hr Livermore, April 21st


10 Hr Colorado Springs, June 26th

8 Hr Modesto, April 22nd

8 Hr Birmingham, July 17th


8 Hr Sacramento, April 23rd



8 Hr Woodland Hills, June 9th

8 Hr New Orleans, Aug. 20th-21st

Set Association Price


8 Hr Costa Mesa, June 10th


8 Hr San Bernadino, June 11th



North Carolina

8 Hr Las Vegas, June 2nd

8 Hr Oklahoma City, July 14th

8 Hr Charlotte, July 23rd




8 Hr Dallas, July 17th

8 Hr Salem, May 13th

8 Hr Indianapolis, Aug. 14th

8 Hr Houston, Aug. 21st

10 Hr Bend, May 14th




8 Hr Schaumburg, Aug. 7th

8 Hr Louisville, Aug. 13th

8 Hr Philadelphia, Sept. 11th




8 Hr St. Louis Park, Sept. 4th

8 Hr Arlington, Sept. 9th

8 Hr Columbia, Sept. 10th




8 Hr Jacksonville, Sept. 18th

8 Hr Milwaukee, Aug. 5th

8 Hr Little Rock, July 15th

South Carolina



8 Hr Columbia, July 22nd

8 Hr Tempe, June 18th

8+2 Hr American Fork, May 27th


8 Hr Sandy Springs, July 21st


We also offer live options for our 20 Hr Pre-License MLO Education

Schedule a live PE 20 Hr with us today

20 Hour SAFE Live Classroom

Utah - American Fork May 28th-29th 

How to schedule Live NMLS Education classes

Are you a Manager, Owner, Broker, Account Executive, Compliance Officer, Education Chair, or Office Manager? Get the NMLS 8 Hour Continuing Education Requirement done in one day for all of your licensed loan officers. We offer a variety of live course solutions that make the annual renewal easy to complete. For further information and to schedule your live CE or PE course please contact us below.

CE or PE As low as $79* per person!

(*Plus mandatory $12 banking fee.)

Contact Anthony 801-676-2529 or email